Wednesday, June 24, 2009


"Fuck your cell phone bitch. You could keep that."
- Scarface, Who Are They

It's so weird to be this mad at an object.

Filed under: Probably really mad at something else and taking it out on a phone


  1. Also, either he's not sure what he's trying to say or this is so gramatically incorrect.

    "You could keep that"? Like, it's possible that he/she can keep the phone? That's a statement with pretty much zero impact behind it. Along with things like, "You could eat something, if you wanted," or, "You could give me a hug." Yeah, I could. I may or may not, but I could.

  2. internetthuggin101June 25, 2009 at 12:25 PM

    to me, this sounds like scarface was in one of those arguments where you're losin and can't think of anything to comeback with, so you just say whatever... and then you wind up looking stupid, i could see it now:

    Girl: "Scarface, it's time for you to get outta my house. I'm tired of payin all these bills by myself!"

    Scarface: "Oh and I don't bring my portion to the table??? Since when do you pay all the bills?!"

    Girl: "Whatever Scarface, shut the hell up and leave... all you pay is the cell phone bill, but if it makes you feel better you can have that too. *hands phone*"

    Scarface: *realizin he can't afford it* "Fuck your cellphone bitch, you could keep that!!!" *storms out*

  3. Oh my god. Are you people retarded?! He's saying fuck the phone, because he probably BOUGHT it for her... & telling her she can keep it! He just wants his other shit back that he's got her. You people are ridiculous! If you hate rap music so much then f@#$ off & get off of this site!

  4. He's saying to fuck it, instead of him, because it vibrates.

  5. Yeah, just a few seconds of thought would have deduced that maybe he bought the phone for her, and is saying fuck it you can keep it. File this post under "Trying too hard".

  6. Maybe he gets off on watching his women shove cell phones in their snatches?

    I'd tell em to keep it too. It prolly smells funny after all that.