Friday, June 26, 2009


"We are not the same I am a martian."
- Lil Wayne, Phone Home

This sentence starts to make sense, so good job on that Wayne. But after that it kinda just crashes and burns and immediately becomes the worst example ever.

Like you can say, "We are not the same... because of how much hair is on your head," or something like that. But not the martian thing.

Filed under: Worst debater ever


  1. lol. not surprised if Lil Wayne actually believes he is a Martian.

  2. Yuu don't know he could be a Martian.

  3. He's still a better debater than Mims.

  4. internetthuggin101June 26, 2009 at 11:44 AM

    I always thought this song was a bad decision on his part over the fact that people *LOVE* to joke about him lookin like E.T. or Predator... so maybe he really is a martian

  5. Well he certainly is ugly enough to look like a martian. Ugliest dude I've ever seen. Maybe he is one, more likely he's just a messed up dude, and an even worse rapper.

  6. Lil' Wayne is the greatest rapper alive... so don't hate on his lyrics. He's so much more creative than any other rapper right now. He's hot!

  7. Well, unless you too ARE a martian, this actually makes sense.

  8. I always forget which one of those things is actually his chin. Is it the pointy one 1.75 inches below his goatee?

  9. This entry wasn't that funny. File it under "trying too hard".

  10. He's the master debater

  11. this reminds me of grandma's boy...

    does it scare you?

    no, i just dont like techno would if you had robot ears

  12. isn't he saying he is so much better than everyone else its like hes from a different planet... i.e. a martian

  13. This isn't Lil Wayne's Lyrics. This is The Game. Get your shit together.

    -Goomb chicks blow

  14. Martian. Mars. Red planet. The whole "we are not the same I am a martian" is a reference to the bloods. Its honestly more clever than any of the shit you post about wayne, which isn't really saying much..

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