Friday, June 26, 2009


"Tell the women in your family to suck my dick."
- Sheek Louch, Mighty D-Block

No one would deliver this message... ever.

"Hey mom, you know Sheek Louch?"
"Well, call Aunt Diane here's the deal..."

CUT TO: an establishing shot of a house. We can hear a mother screaming with disgust.

Filed under: SO crass and disrespectful


  1. I like how afraid of being gay this insult is. "I'm not a homo, I said tell the women in your family, I didn't want YOU to suck my dick. Hell 'nah. The women. I'm a heterosexual man." Really. Really? Like, that's some hardcore paranoia that he needs to specify that he wants ladies to suck it. He should get a tattoo that says "ladies only" with an arrow pointing south.

  2. Wtf are you talking about, Luna? lol

  3. In my vision of this scenario, mom comes hom from work to find said message scrawled on the dry erase board on the fridge....hilarity ensues.