Wednesday, July 1, 2009


"You a big fine horse."
- Webbie, Gimme Dat

In case you were wondering, this is something you can't say to a chick.

Filed under: Not going to get a second date


  1. Maybe he's talking to Sarah Jessica Parker. In which case, it's really a compliment. XD

    (oh, and this is my first comment and I just want to say this site is AWESOME. :D)

  2. @the last guy:


  3. Maybe he's actually talking about his horse. Much more environmentally friendly than the Escalades most rappers prefer. Trying to reduce his carbon footprint and all. Kudos to you, Webbie.

  4. Well, seeing as this is a straight up rape song (the chorus goes "You know you want it girl/Don't act like you don't want it girl/You want it just as bad as I do/Girl gimme dat pussy"), he probably doesn't care about a second date.

  5. apparently in the rap/hip-hop world, it's a compliment to be told you look like a horse and/or donkey. i've definitely heard a girl be extraordinarily flattered by this compliment. for example, "you a big fine horse" = big ol' booty.....

    still doesn't make it a compliment in my eyes.

  6. I think he's into gay bestiality. You know the story about Catherine the Great, right? Maybe a little somfin' somfin'. All I gots to say.

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