Monday, July 6, 2009


"The new Benz is all white, call it John McCain."
- Maino, All The Above

Maino: Check it out, there's John McCain.
Somebody: What?! Where?
Maino: Right there, that white Mercedez... my new car.
Somebody: I can't be your friend because you do things like that.

Filed under: Worst metaphor


  1. This was always the head-scratcher from this song. It's like Maino could only think of one white person off the top of his head.

  2. on another song from the same album he spits the same line but instead says scott storch

  3. I think the line is comparing Mccain to Obama, because Obama is half white. So he's saying that his Benz is fully white, like John Mccain. Plus, rappers love dropping names.

  4. Also, he references Obama later in the song, saying "tryin to hope for tomorrow/When I think that I can't/I envision Obama" and goes on to talk about other stuff he finds positive. So although it's kind of a failed nod to politics, it does sound cool, and at least it's a nod...

  5. This is straight up not a bad rap lyric, guys.

  6. "This is straight up not a bad rap lyric, guys."

    Yes it is, you ignorant zoo display.