Sunday, July 12, 2009


"They know I got that broccoli, so I keep that glock on me."
- Young Jeezy, Put On

Not sure what's better... calling your stash broccoli or making it rhyme with "glock on me".


  1. One update in 6 days, and it's this? Oh, what once used to be..

  2. yeah, yall kinda fell off with the updates but i'll chalk it up to you guys being busy.

  3. I suppose it's no worse then referring to smoking weed, as "smoking trees" It makes just about as much sense.

  4. Sorry I've been so busy. I'm back on it this week.

  5. Wow... This entry is just terrible. I'm no Young Jeezy fan at all, but "broccoli" is a fairly common term and the rhyme is pretty good. This sounds like a comment my grandpa might make.

  6. The "too healthy" tag is hilarious

  7. I just don't understand why the "new thing" is to refer to everything as a vegetable. I mean "broccoli" "lettuce"... so I know that's only two but I bet it's just the tip of the iceberg my friends.

  8. tip of the iceberg... LETTUCE?

  9. POSEURRR!!!!! (But I guess that could apply to just about every rap artist on here)

    Metal > Rap

  10. brocolli = weed. duh

  11. ... and I'll file this post under "blog author is trying way too hard" and "sounds like grandpa"

  12. Not sure if you have ever heard of simile/metaphor/symbolism. Lyrics obviously use many words which represent something else, or use a word to describe something. Broccoli is green, so is cash, therefore your small brain can make the connection that broccoli represents cash.

  13. I like the idea of using green vegetables as euphemisms for everyday items. But shouldn't you choose a vegetable that really represents the item? Like should one call weed, say, 'spinach', as it's both a leaf? I've been calling dick 'asparagus' for years now.

  14. Damn nigga's.. Yall keep changing your slang words to keep us white folk so far above you. Damn.

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