Thursday, August 6, 2009


"BRRRRRAT BRRRRAT.... Twitter 'dat."
- Chamillionaire, Internet Thugs Attack

Twittering... NOT GANGSTER.

Filed under: Just.... Not gangster, sorry


  1. AMAZIING. Chamillionaire is so awesome!

  2. come on now... why is this even be a post? the fact that it's "not gangster" is the whole point of Chamillionaire's Internet thug songs

  3. I'm sure that if someone twittered "Brrrrat Brrrrat," no one would comment it.

  4. "why is this even be a post?". Why is you even be a grammar? Shut up, go home.

  5. I don't know what's sadder, the fact that a rapper is rapping about Twitter, or the fact that he's geeky enough to know about it, but not aware that sending a Twitter message is called "tweeting" and not 'twittering'.

  6. this site it stupid

  7. so funny! BEST MIXTAPE EVER

  8. Your grammar, it awful.

  9. looɔ sı ɯoɔ˙ɐıpǝɯxǝlɟoǝs ʇuǝɯɯoɔ ɐ ʇsod

  10. there's bad grammar, and then there's typos. That was a typo.

  11. there's typos? you mean... there ARE typos?? LOL

    and u all dumb... well, we aren't the ones who forgot 'are', are we?

  12. this site isnt funny anymore

  13. Its really not. Had a spark when you started but now you just garbage.

  14. of course its not gangsta

    the whole song is about "internet gangstas", who are thuggin on the internet.
    thats why the twitter reference

    damn, listen to the lyrics.

  15. You is all be retarded.

  16. What part of "taken out of context" or "taken literally" don't you people understand?

  17. What do you mean, "you people"?

  18. What do YOU mean, "you people"?
    But seriously, I understand when the writers want to take something out of context to make it sound funny, but when the title of the song completely contradicts the joke you were trying to make, then it's better to not make it at all.

  19. for real. it's like they've missed the whole point of the song??

  20. I liked it better when they were posting stuff that was actually stupid

    This is terrible

  21. Yea, bad post...but the grammatical errors/corrections in the comments are HILAAAARIOUS

    And that "twittering = tweeting" line was funny as shit too

  22. Even though the other people are right (it's a song making fun of people who act like they're "gangster"), even if he weren't, this is a classic Chamillionaire line from a few years ago...

    "I look in the mirror and say 'Thank ya' for bein the only rapper that'll admit you ain't a gangsta."

    He's never tired to be "gangster." He's pretty much just made fun of fake gangsters in the past. would be a good post if it weren't inaccurate adn taken out of context.

  23. so at least 7 people twittered that.

  24. not fair.

    the point of the song is he was pretending to be a internet thug.

    really creative idea actually, not many rappers keepin their music creative like that

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