Monday, August 10, 2009


"I'mma tell you like George Bush told me, "Fuck y'all niggas I'm out of here."
- Kanye West, Go Hard

I'm guessing Kanye is probably paraphrasing here.

Because let's face it... if he wasnt, well... we would have heard about it before he rapped it in the fuckin' song Go Hard for Christ's sake.

Filed under: Such a paraphrase / so slanderous


  1. Plus, he doesn't specify what George... W. or H.W.? C

  2. George Bush doesn't care about Kanye West.

  3. I don't know that Kanye West ever received any actual communique from GWB (or GHWB).

    Found you through And I read all the way back to the first post. You're both brilliant.

  4. Kanye West exaggerates just like the little bookbag he used to wear.

  5. I could almost see this one happening. Bush likes to party, maybe they crossed paths one night in a strip club.
    Kanye: G-Dub how's it hanging?
    G-Dub: heh-hehe, who are you?
    Kanye: Im kanye cheddar (or whatever the hell he calls himself), bitch!
    G-Dub: Don't you like fishsticks? No, nevermind. Fuck ya'll niggas, Im outta here. (Slams final shot, motions for SS to carry him out)

    Filed under: probably happened

  6. Uuuuhh. What the fuck are you talking about?

    See ya.

  7. (Different person than last Anonymous)

    It's from a new South Park episode that makes fun of Kanye West.

  8. I think his cigar is upside down.

  9. Uuuuhh. What the fuck are you talking about?

    See ya.

    Have you actually ever seen anyone that posts comments on this blog? BTW, adding 'see ya' to every comment renders it completely meaningless - sorta like all the lyrics you whine about.

  10. lol @ 2nd Anonymous

  11. Kanye West doesn't care about white people.

    And what the eff is that thing he says after Kanye...Kanye "Tirra/Chedda/Filla?"

  12. now he needs lyrics proclaiming that Obama called him a jackass

  13. That song has so many "Worst Houseguest" entries in it. E.g. "First I spin around and vomit / Then I shit up on it" and "...Now I'm finna make y'all eat them turds."

    On an unrelated note, it's billed as DJ Khaled's track even though he has exactly zero actual verses in it.

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