Wednesday, August 12, 2009


"You niggas remind me of a strip club. 'Cause every time you come around it's like, "What? I just gotta get my dick sucked."
- DMX, Party Up (Up In Here)

This line should basically be changed to... "Hi guys, I'm gay."

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  1. no, if he was sucking, that would make him gay..

  2. Anonymous, I'm pretty sure that it's still homosexual no matter what end you happen to be on. And by 'pretty sure', I actually mean '100% positive'.

  3. Thank you for finally getting to this one. That whole song is filled with DMX outing himself. Or maybe he just likes prison sex. Which doesn't make him less gay.

    Also, that doesn't just happen in every strip club.

  4. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHA! Chris D'Elia is the best Snacker! Every time he comes around, I'm like, 'What I just gotta suck his dick!'

  5. "no, if he was sucking, that would make him gay.."

    Some people say any time a man is touching another man's package for pleasure, its gay. Other people say its only gay if you're the one sucking.

    And I agree with the second category for the most part. I'm 99% sure they're right, and its only gay if you're the sucker and not the suckee.

    But that 1% chance is a bitch, and its not worth risking. So I always get a chick to do it.

  6. the fuck are you guys talking about (pause) this entire comment section.

    How the fuck are you gonna be getting your dick sucked by a dude and say you are not gay? You are both equally gay doing that shit and lmfao @ you guys justifying it.

  7. But the dog in the picture is cute!