Thursday, August 13, 2009


"Diarrhea on you niggas like Niagara Falls."
- Gorilla Zoe, Shit On 'Em

Hey Gorilla Zoe, you're immature. Above: Gorilla Zoe trying to actually diarrhea like Niagara Falls.

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  1. This comment is more of an in general not pertaining to the topic at hand. However, come on? really? You guys honestly sit around listening for quotes from rap songs so you can blog about how shitty they are. And you come up with the very original comments of "really immature" and the classic "Kanye is an asshole." Theres a few inherent problems with this. One, half the lyrics you use are out of context which will make anything sound ridiculous. For instance when a buddy and I were contemplating the physics behind DADV (google it.) Any part of that conversation taken out of context would be twice as ridiculous. My second problem is that the main purpose of this website is for a bunch of people that are clearly not fans of hip hop to come together in a bashing of lyrics. which would be cool if it wasn't just your pathetic attempts at bettering yourselves by belittling those living the life you so desperately wish to live yourselves. Don't worry maybe some day when your sitting naked at home by yourself your blog will make it big and you too can rise to prominence.....but don't bet on it. Maybe just get a job.....move out of your moms basement. baby steps.

  2. Damn. And the haterade gets poured all over this site, yet again. I never understand why people such as this can't just step aside and keep their mouths shut. Didn't anyone tell you you didn't HAVE to come here and read what's being said?

    That glaringly obvious point aside, my biggest problem with haters is that they never admit who they are, they just smugly bust out with all sorts of fucked up comments, hiding behind their anonymity. Real brave, dude.

    And just so you're aware, I would guess that a lot of the people that comment here (as well as the creators) really do love hip-hop, we just gotta laugh at the silly shit some rappers say. I mean... COME ON NOW... you're going to come out with that critique on this site and the Chrises in defense of "Diarrhea on you niggas like Niagara Falls."?? Really??

    A piece of advice: just fucking laugh along with everybody else! Last time I checked, no rapper on this Earth needed or asked you to defend their honor or their lyrics.


  3. I love rap so much that I laugh at the lyrics! Ha. Thanks for having a great site. Keep those hater blockers off...
    and yeah about the song..

    He needs some meds for his shitting problems...maybe he can go to lil waynes house.. haha

  4. Why the fuck would you ever wanna live like these fucking low life rappers? I'd rather be in college (like I am, not in my mothers basement) and get a real respectable job, and live like a civilized human being. I read this blog every day and laugh at the bastardization of the english language by these guys who just babble on about shooting people and getting head and other shit. Its not an art.

  5. My first hip hop record purchased was Run DMC's Raising Hell which was released in 1986, I think... ...prior to that I just listened to hip hop dubs that my friends and I made off of the radio or records we could lift from our older siblings. So I feel comfortable saying that I've been a huge fan or hip hop for a very long time. (Let's put my early introduction to the ART form at 1983.)

    1000's of records, CDs & tapes later - the only form of music I buy consistently is hip hop/rap.

    And I love this site because it's witty and despite the fact that I have listened to and enjoyed almost every one of the tracks listed here.

    Get a sense of humor you fucking twat.

    (This post, obviously, is directed at the first anonymous poster - who is probably an evangelical awaiting the apocalypse and thus trying to round the rest of us into his/her misery.)

  6. @first poster.. did you get some of teh diarrhea splashed on you last time you were kickin it wit yo favorite nigga Gorilla Zoe ?

  7. FIRST COMMENT GUY IN GEEK VOICE WHILE PUSHING HIS THICK BLACK GLASSES FURTHER UP HIS NOSE: "Err, actually, my friend and I were discussing the err, physics of double anal slash double vaginal due to the err, distinct and scientific possibility that err, we may one day encounter someone of the female variety who will engage in sexual relations with us of their own volition and we were, err, therefore calculating the penis dimensions necessary to perform such an act on a woman with a vagina 2.5cm in diameter......"

  8. This comment is more of an in general not pertaining to the topic at hand. However, come on? really? Anon@1:35 spent probably 15 minutes of his life writing out that little epistle. He actually thought that telling us he and his friend were discussing physics would impress anyone with how smart he thinks he is (the "google it" is an especially condescending touch). My second problem is that he assumes his comment is clever, interesting, or profound, when it is actually pointing out something about the website that the owners/founders/writers openly admit to themselves.

  9. Anonymous #1: Suck a Chris's dick or somethin'.

  10. lolcano @ these comments.


  11. Damn, that first guy is dumb.

    Oh, and by the way, using the "in his mother's basement" for bloggers is a really bad cliche used by Republican politicians.

    Oh, also, only Republican politicians and metal heads call it hip-hop. Everyone else says "rap."

  12. That first comment offered nothing new. We TRY and take lyrics out of context.
    See ya.
    We LOVE hip-hop and ARE NOT bashing it.
    See ya.
    I don't live with my mom.
    See ya.
    I do not wish I was a famous rapper at all. In fact, I am a successful young comedian and I'm happy with my career and the way it's going. (fuck DADV, google ME).
    See ya.

  13. And for the RECORD, I do NOT live in my momma's basement, (my momma don't got a basement, this is California) I have my very own room!



  14. Get 'em Chris.
    Leni Max, I pictured that square saying your comment and I almost shat out Niagara Falls dookie cuz I cracked so hard.

    Side note: It's typically referred to as DVDA, not DADV.
    See ya.

  15. what the fucks with all the editorial length comment?

  16. I love that the first commenter thinks a conversation about the physics of DVDA is an intellectual debate that would only sound ridiculous out of context. File under: Ridiculous regardless/you wish/doesn't help your point

  17. we were testing the physics of DVDA when she got diarrhea on you niggas like Niagara Falls.

    there you go it's all in context, and still filed under: so immature

  18. Quite mustache she's got there our Zoe. Or is that a dirty sanchez she's got from her pimp boyfriend?

  19. Two completely illogical fecal references back to back. Stay classy, S&S.

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