Thursday, August 13, 2009


"Chain gang, licky with the ban. Quickly spit it rrring. Sicky Ricky get his ziggy bang, snitchin on the gang-gang. Don't forget you get that Uncle Midi. Get him for his chain. Simply give him a chitty bang, sit him in a cling-cling."
- Peedi Crakk, Gotta Have It by Beanie Sigel

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  1. all those words, and not one complete sentence.

  2. Either this guy is saying something in a code you have to be too cool to understand or he ain't sayin' shit and is playing us for chumps.

    He's a master of suspense!!!


  3. @birah

    "Don't forget you get that Uncle Midi."

    That's a complete sentence. This isn't: grammar snark FAIL.

  4. He's channeling his inner beatnik.

  5. This guy isn't Snow in disguise, is he?

  6. internetthuggin101August 14, 2009 at 9:52 AM

    you know what's wild??? had this been a cam'ron lyric, nobody would be surprised. it'd be like "oh, that's just cam, that's what he does, that's his 'thing' "-- any other rapper tryin this looks.... well, like peedi crakk

  7. Worst rhyming dictionary ever.

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