Thursday, September 3, 2009


"You fit these shoes, nigga. Put 'em on and tap dance, faggot."
- Shabazz The Disciple, Hip Pop

Here's an example of a way to say something if you don't want someone to listen to you.

Filed under: Worst shoe salesman of all time


  1. Also interesting: he's the one suggesting shoes and requesting a tap dance performance, yet he's calling the other guy a faggot?

  2. Worse salesman than Willie Lowman

  3. I'm the muthafuckin KING of ballet, bitch!!

  4. ahaha the owner of this site has no fuckn life.. its obvious you hate hip hop but you still dedicate time to run this shit??who the fuck does that? has whole artist list and everything haha you seem like some jelous kid who has no life and hates on people who make money off saying what they want when you prolly make the same amount they make off one track in a whole year hahaa i know everybody gonna hate on this comment but thats life..find a new hobby coz blowing lines out of context and getting you anything an i doubt rappers even heard of this shit..just you and your wack ass hillbillys ...just pointing out the facts..

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