Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"We the BEST!"
- DJ Khaled, We Takin' Over

Not at grammar.

Filed under: Go back to school


  1. Alternately, every DJ Khaled song ever.

  2. How fitting that on the day millions of kids go back to school, S&S is here to provide a grammar lesson.

  3. hahhaha this was definitely long awaited. . . fuckin DJ Khaled. ruins fine songs with his yelling. I found DJ Aziz Ansari to be more in tune with the songs.

  4. I just found your blog. Holy fuck, this is some hilarious shit.

  5. You guys are brilliant and I adore you.

  6. the verb "to be" can be implied...

  7. ^^ LOL Needs a spelling lesson.

  8. hahahahahahaha. thank god for this blog

  9. Your comment isn't a sentence thus punctuation is not proper.

  10. ahaha the owner of this site has no fuckn life.. its obvious you hate hip hop but you still dedicate time to run this shit??who the fuck does that? has whole artist list and everything haha you seem like some jelous kid who has no life and hates on people who make money off saying what they want when you prolly make the same amount they make off one track in a whole year hahaa i know everybody gonna hate on this comment but thats life..find a new hobby coz blowing lines out of context and getting you anything an i doubt rappers even heard of this shit..just you and your wack ass hillbillys ...just pointing out the facts..

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