Monday, October 5, 2009


"You see me around some cheese."
- Dr. Dre, Watch Me by Jay-Z

I like pretending that Dr. Dre actually means if he was at a party, he'd be loitering near the cheese.

Filed under: Simply hungry for cheese / learning English


  1. "I was hanging around David Bowie. What about you?"

    "Mostly hanging around the fondue."

    -Flight of the Concords, as dictated to them by Dr. Dre

  2. internetthuggin101October 5, 2009 at 3:58 PM

    Got damn, he got that meat head in this picture... look like he suffered a stroke and sh*t

  3. time to pack it in, guys..

  4. No wonder the majority of our prisons are filled with minorities. All they want to do is rap but even the best rappers are so dumb they can't formulate a sentence. Keep it up brown town, america needs ditch diggers and fruit pickers!

  5. using formulate in that sense is grammatically correct, however it is not commonly used that way. To formulate generally is used in mathematic and scientific terms used to describe the process of creating a formula or expressing a devised theory. Correct english, too complicated a word for the sentence you used is it. I guess 'formulate' was the word of the day in Mr. Green's fifth grade english class. Next time you learn a new word, make sure you don't try and throw it out once in order to sound smart to cover up the rest of your bullshit. Here's a word you should try - superfluous. It's your attempt at using formulate. Also, I wasn't aware the market for ditch diggers and fruit pickers was so open. I'll be sure to look into that when CPA's are no longer in demand. Pussy.

  6. for any bitch as white person...For real i dont know why you haten on black people, when you clearly on a site mainly about black peopole in a black culture. Get a fuckn life - rap isnt for you hillbillys - that's probably why you don't understand! No point arguing but hey hows it feel to have a BLACK PRESIDENT? hahaha i sure am happy - it even makes me laugh now cause hey...we in charge now pussys.. GET FUCKED WHEN YOU COUNTRYS LEADER IS TOP! BOUT TIME THE HARDEST WORKING PEOPLE GET REKONIZED!

  7. Dre is one of the best producers/artists there is - dont lie you fucken had 2001 on blast!

  8. Anonymous @ 1:02 AM: Honestly, it's comments like what you just posted that give your race a bad name. Chill out.

  9. Indeed, obviously black Anonymous. You fail. Learn some basic English before you try and defend your race.

  10. He's talking about a marijuana strains you fucking morons.



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