Thursday, October 29, 2009


"We own things."
- Rick Ross, Speedin'

Like the worst medallion ever? That's a thing. Is that what you meant?

I own things too. But that's not that impressive.

Filed under: Not that impressive/so vague


  1. I do not agree....thats the collest chain ever! sorry, had to comment on it

  2. "We Own Things"... really Rick? Like a police badge, police interceptor, a police baton... oh. My bad. You weren't talking about those thing, Rick. My mistake.

  3. is his medallion in the shape of his own face? who does that?!

  4. haha keep em comin

  5. well if he got a chain with another mans face well that would just be gay now wouldnt it.

  6. Is the dildo he owns a mold of his own dick? Because that along with the medallion would allow him to essentially bang himself in the ass while staring himself in the eye. How romantic.

  7. I love this site. I sat at my computer and read every single one one night. Not sure if that is a compliment towards this website or an insult towards my personal life. Also I would buy a chain of my own face, because Everyday is christmas. Everyday is new years.

  8. who's we?
    him and his medallion/face?

  9. I kinda think of Rick Ross and his medallion like Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat.

  10. So first he and Dre did things, and now he owns things.

    Rick Ross can pretty much be filed under incapable of being specific.

  11. Officer Ricky deserves a SnS hall of fame. If he's not doing things, owning things, or showing his ass on songs, he's mostly likely fucking pianos instead.

  12. rick ross owns things like expensive cars, and mansions
    person who wrote this owns things like a chair, a tv
    whos having the last laugh

  13. Anon@7:04 is totally right, money and stuff actually IS everything, looks like it's suicide for me again.

  14. i was only joking around, i find it odd that on a comedy blog everyone takes every comment so seriously as a massive insult.
    zero banter

  15. maybe he means he "pwns" things.

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