Monday, November 2, 2009


"Get out my face, ho. Get out my face, ho. Get out my face, ho. Get out my face, ho. Get out my face, ho. Get out my face, ho. Get out my face, ho. Get out my face."
- Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, Yahhh!!!

Hands down, there is nothing more rude and immature than saying "Get out my face, ho" 8 times in an argument with someone.

Debate team captain: "Yeah well, we just don't want Soulja Boy on the team anymore because of ya know... whenever he starts losing the debate he results in that whole, "Get out my face, ho" thingy that he does. I'm sure you've heard...

Filed under: Worst debate team member ever/so disrespectful


  1. As much as I dislike Soulja Boy, this song still cracks me up because everytime he says "Yahhh!!!" it sounds like Timmy from South Park.

  2. Things not required to be a rapper in 2009: Being a rapper.

  3. You might as well give Soulja Boy his own special section on the site; pretty much everything he spits qualifies.

  4. Perhaps he walked into a hoe while he was gardening and it hit him in the face sideshow Bob style. In which case he would be perfectly justified in demanding it remove itself from his face.

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