Thursday, November 5, 2009


"Yayo like its mayo."
- Dolla, Who The Fuck Is That?

You put cocaine on your sandwiches? Or you keep it in the fridge in a jar? Wait, I got it. You have a lot of cocaine just like you have a lot of... mayonnaise? Or... this is nonsense.

Filed under: Lost his mind


  1. Yeah I was gonna say didn't this guy just get killed in the past year? I like your site but...really?

  2. he couldn't have lost his mind when he has recently lost his life..

    new low, snacksandshit. new. low. :(


  4. cocaine and mayonnaise are both white?

    P.S. Yayo and Mayo are black southern slang for vagina.

  5. yeesh...the guy just died a few months ago.

    I know being obtuse douchebags is your gimmick, and complaining about that means we "don't get the joke", but this is a bit much.

  6. oh come on people, quit your whining. it's funny and that's all that matters. do you honestly think that nothing bad can be said about someone just because they're dead? >_<

  7. Oh you anonymousers.

    A musician's work stands alone for review, inspection and the occasional laugh regardless of whether or not they were recently shot to death in a parking lot.

    No one is saying it is awesome he's dead.

    They are saying this lyric is amusing.

    And the "too soon" lamentation is dipped in fail and covered in weaksauce.

  8. He's not dead--he's playing guard for the Memphis Grizzlies.

  9. say what you say but to some..its disrespectful to hate on somebody that has just passed... seems like you just dont get it.. i see how you point things out that are taken out of context but its the way rap is.. they refer to things you dumb people can relate too...and that makes it funny!

  10. He's enjoying mayo AND a dirt nap.

  11. people look way too into things.

    chill out.. if you don't want to be upset by something on the site.. don't comeee to the site. it's THAT simple.

  12. No jenifer, it's not that simple. People are way too fucking stupid to comprehend such a concept, let alone practice it.

    Truth is truth, the haters bust nuts to this website. They're the most hardcore fans here ;oP

  13. Noone gave a shit about this dude until he died. Hes garbage, so is proof

  14. yayo and mayo, southern slang for vagina, no its not. idiot

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