Monday, December 28, 2009


"Money fuckin' retarded call it Down syndrome money."

-Busta Rhymes, La La by Lil Wayne

"Do you guys accept Down syndrome money here?"

"Sir, get out."

Thanks, I'll think I'll just keep on calling it money.

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Posted by Chris Macho

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  1. I believe the edited version says, " Money fucking handi-capable call it Down syndrome money."

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  2. Hahah, this made me lol xD
    Good job guys ^^

  3. I'm glad you guys are back!!!

  4. ahh the DTs are finally gone.... i needed my snacksandshit

  5. Hey, thanks for all the great information. Will be back to the blog for sure.

  6. Hip Hop is so creative these days

  7. This website has accumulated strong precedent that rappers are:
    -downright immature
    -completely out of touch with reality
    And now we can add "prejudiced towards the disabled" to that illustrious list, rounding it up to a healthy dozen. For any rappers reading this, "dozen" is a big word for 12.

  8. @ Chegandhijesus not all rappers are like that that is a big generalization i know you are joking but that is not a true list of statements to categorize all rappers under. I am a college educated rapper. I am not big or popular and dont plan to be because I dont like mainstream rap. So not all rappers are uneducated I know its joking but people can take it out of context still funny

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