Wednesday, January 6, 2010



"Yeah, just call me 'Mr. Orgasm'."

-Juelz Santana, Back To The Crib

No, because this would make us both look bad.

Filed under: Got sent to the principal's office so much

Posted by Chris Macho

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  1. this isnt that funny really.

  2. Don't forget this line later in the song--
    "Lil mama, we can birthday text/yes I said text, but I know you know what I really meant/(sex)"
    Filed under: Unnecessary clarification/We get it

  3. Best time to bust this line out: reserving a table at Applebee's.

  4. Well he "Missed her orgasm" alright. Boo-ya!

  5. It took us ages to get dressed - we got changed about 3 times before finally settling on a bit of sparkle...

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