Thursday, March 4, 2010


"Lemonade my town, said, 'Miami, I want yellow carpet'; woke up in the morning fuckin' bought a yellow Aston Martin."

-Gucci Mane, Lemonade

In case you're wondering, "What the fuck is this dude talking about?", this whole song is about how Gucci Mane has yellow everything. I just wanted to point out how much of an asshole you would look like if you pulled up somewhere in a yellow Aston Martin and stepped onto rolled-out yellow carpet — the carpet you requested.

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Posted by Chris Macho

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  1. Does he have mischievous, little monkey name 'George'?


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  2. Yellow teeth, Yellow Bart Simpson, Yellow piss...
    It's not even that good a colour ¬_¬

  3. correct lyrics. "lemonade, my townhouse in miami, i want yellow carpet..'

  4. also, woke up in the morning, fuck it! bought a yellow aston martin...doesnt make it any better, just sayin.

  5. what bitch wants a man with yellow fucking teeth? answer that...

  6. file under: no taste

  7. you idiots it about lemon kush, not wanting yellow shit

  8. its definitely about wanting yellow shit
    honestly i think the idea of just getting everything yellow is badass and hilarious but yeah

  9. Filed under: Jaundice.

  10. actually its not about lemon kush its about codeine laced drinks dumbasses if your gonna hate get the facts straight first

  11. yellow livn' room set, uhhhhhh

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