Wednesday, March 24, 2010


"I'm strictly tryin' to cop those colossal-sized Picassos."

-Sheek Louch, It's All About the Benjamins by Puff Daddy

Only the huge ones huh? So we're not even getting out of bed for the smaller-sized Picassos? I mean, the bottom line is you're doing other things besides this.

Filed under: Would be bankrupt so fast / Would die because of not eating

Posted by Chris Macho 


  1. This is the level of quality that I expect from a S&S post.

  2. Well, we don't want the rappers making any sense in what they say, do we?

  3. I'm sorry dude, but a lot of the shit on this website is borderline racist, if not actually racist.
    And even if you guys are "enlightened" enough to make fun of something that "we love, we swear" -- I'm sure that your readers are taking away varying messages.
    Like the guy above me.
    Be like Talib Kweli and practice some "knowledge of self" every once in a while.

  4. Erm... this website is not racist.
    I don't see how making fun of rap is denigrating to all black people.
    If you think the implication is that their lyrics are so horrible that there must be something wrong with them as a race then that just doesn't hold up. Listen to Blues musicians like Blindman Willie Johnson. Listen to African musicians like Ali Farka Touré. Incredible music among the best in the world.
    The object of fun here is the specific cultural phenomenon of rap music, around which ridiculous slang and views of the world have developed. That is why it lends itself to satirical deconstruction more than any other genre. It's because what a lot of these rappers say are so extreme and if anything serve to perpetuate negative stereotypes.
    And also... get a sense of humour. ¬_¬

  5. It took us ages to get dressed - we got changed about 3 times before finally settling on a bit of sparkle...

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