Thursday, April 1, 2010



"We got them birds in the coffee cans."

Birdman, Imma DBoy by Lil Wayne

This is exactly what a Secret Service guy says into his lapel so that the the rest of the guys will know that the mission is on.

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Posted by Chris Macho


  1. I fucking HOPE that's a Secret Service code. Otherwise this should be Filed under: Animal Cruelty. I mean, Jesus Christ, how would he get them in AND fit them in?
    I also hope he isn't talking about hos. In Britain & Ireland "bird" is slang for woman. Jesus, this just doesn't bare thinking about.

  2. I think he's talking about units of compressed powder cocaine, but if he isn't...
    Birdman should live in fear of the day when the animal control officers are summoned to his mansion.

  3. I have learned more about drugs from people explaining these inane lyrics...the DEA needs to do a raid at the Source Awards.

  4. Noone you losers knowApril 13, 2010 at 4:21 PM

    birdman dont need to flip birds

  5. everytime i check this site it makes me sad. there is such a disconnect between white and black america. only white america would think this is funny. this site is based on the miscommunication between races and how whites will make fun of black culture instead of trying to understand it. i agree that a lot of rappers are uneducated but you seem to have this superiority complex with rhymers when there are so many lyricists who can wax poetic for whole albums. if you understood what they were actually saying you would realize how unfunny you actually are. there are a lot of very clever lines that you have put up here with the most ignorant comments and it is upsetting. i wish there were more people who, instead of berating and hating, learned to understand others. there's too much of "i don't understand what you're saying so it is stupid" and i'm tired of seeing it. good luck with your site but please try to lighten up, your insecure sense of humor is running thin.

  6. @ Quinn Carrier: The line is "We got them birds in the coffee cans." Are you seriously going to sit there and defend such an idiotic statement under the cover of "white people just don't understand black people, and they're elitist bastards"? I don't get it, dude. Not to mention, this is what the site is FOR. Making fun of lyrics like this.

  7. you guys are really fucking stupid. birds are coke. coffee masks the smell of coke. his name is birdman for christsake obviously hes talking about slinging drugs

  8. @Quinn: way to be not racist at all but we're just a bunch of rap fans who are having a little fun taking this shit out of context. You have successfully explained the joke.
    @Richard: thank you for explaining Birdman's name to me, I've always wondered about that. Now please tackle: Plies, Gucci Mane, Tabi Bonney, Bun B.

  9. I hate the entries that are only funny if you don't know the slang the rapper's using. Its embarrassing as hell to read

  10. Same Shit Different DayJune 27, 2010 at 5:09 PM

    I'm sure that's not really a lyric from birdman... If it was, it prolly just means he puts drugs into coffee cans. Nothing new there!

  11. I can understand people not liking this site. I can understand them thinking it's racist. I can understand them voicing how they feel in the comment section. What I DON'T understand though is why they always choose the lyrics like this, the ones which ARE genuinely stupid, to step up and defend rap music?
    Also, I thought the Secret Service protected the President. Shouldn't this be what a CIA guy says?

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  13. um, i'm a whitey who knew that he was talking about slanging drugs, and its still pretty funny taken out of context. that's the whole point of this site. and if you don't enjoy the humor, don't visit the site, jackass.

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  17. What you are now saying makes me confused. I hate the article which has a joke in it.

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