Wednesday, May 12, 2010


"Spit lobster and shrimp, you could tell by the hat."

- Beanie Sigel, Watch Your Bitches

Oh really?  Nope. In fact the only way we could tell if you "spit lobster and shrimp" (which is not something anyway) by your hat, would be if on your hat it read the words "I spit lobster and shrimp". Then at least we could be like, "Hmmm I don't know what spitting lobster and shrimp would even be... but I guess that guy with the hat is someone who does it."
But umm your hat obviously doesn't say that beanie, because that would be fucking retarded. So... ya know... see ya.

Filed under: Worst way to tell if someone spits lobster and shrimp even though that actually means nothing in the first place/weirdest bragging ever

Posted by Chris D'Elia


  1. Maybe he means "split,' like -- cracking the shells? Perhaps he wears a fisherman's hat?
    Just examining the possibilities.

  2. Most of the guys I see in Brooklyn wearing that hat won't touch lobster or shrimp.
    Also, shouldn't someone who chooses to name himself after a hat be a little more expert on the subject?

  3. <3 Chris D' Elia.

  4. Haroon OMG I think your right, I jsut got ti. He spits shells because both of those animals are shellfish. Spit shells = shoot bullets

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  6. I, uh, I could do without the "see ya"s. They don't really mean anything, and aren't funny.
    Other than that, I approve.

  7. Filed under: such a bad chadnic

  8. Hey rabbit. See ya.

  9. ShiningShadow417May 22, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    @ Doc 212: You know, I had an idea based on this. It's entirely possible that he actually is an expert on hats, to such a degree that he's referencing a perfectly legitimate type of hat that looks normal, but whose finer nuances actually make it a hat traditionally worn by someone with the supernatural ability to spit shrimp and lobster. I think we're on to something here...
    Or maybe he's just insane. Who knows?

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  10. Predictable, and lacking both humor and basic knowledge of rap. As usual..
    btw you should quite your job as a comedian, See ya.

  11. He's not "lacking basic knowledge of rap," you buffoon. He's taking the lyrics at face value and poking fun at them. If you haven't figured that out by the 300th post, you're a moron. Stop trying to explain how he doesn't get it and realize it's you who doesn't get it

  12. D'you remember when this site used to get updated? That was fun :(

  13. Slightly out of context. This is rap not a martha stewart comercial. Stupid and seeya seeya. Toast.

  14. but more importantly, no update in 3 weeks. That's legally dead on the internet

  15. Come on. It's almost a month now with no updates. :(
    Even just once a week would be alright. At least it would be regular. You've just gotta look at it like if we tell people to check out this website, the newest post is the first thing they're gonna see and it's got to be funny enough to get them hooked. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm telling you how to run your website, but I am because you haven't updated in a nearly a month.

  16. Otherwise I guess we're just gonna have to mine through the archives, the S&S Community & hold out for this book deal they keep talking about.
    Come on snacksandshit!!! Go for 500 posts!

  17. So the "spit lobster and shrimp" = roundabout way to say "spit shells" bit makes sense, but it's still an awful line thanks to "you can tell by the hat".

  18. It was on here for almost a month and it's only NOW reading the above comment that I've figured out what he was actually trying to say. After decoding the slang that was such an anti-climax, it wasn't even a good line. :( Run DMC!!! RUN!!!!!

  19. He's saying he shoots bullets, or shells (lobster and shrimp are shellfish), and you can tell this as he is wearing a gangster hat. Clever line actually, you guys are just idiots. Would you be happier if he said "I fire guns, check out my mafia-style headwear"?
    See ya.

  20. Yeah theo! I agree dude, the line is pretty clever actually. Shrimp and lobster share a vague similarity! Only thing that woulda been better is if he said "I spit turtles and gas stations" because those things can have to do with shells too! Cause we all know any reference to anything is clever! Suck a horse cock!

  21. sorry man, but people are allowed to criticise. don't get all hysterical.
    (didn't have an opportunity to fit in any exclamation marks, but don't want to feel inadequate compared to you)

  22. You might have it if it belongs to you,whereas you don't kvetch for it if it doesn't look within your life.

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