Thursday, June 10, 2010


"Baby, you the whole package, plus you pay your taxes."

-B.O.B., Nothin' On You

This is way less fun when the lyrics are this practical.

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Posted by Chris Macho 


  1. B.O.B. is a man with priorities and likes his women to be self-sufficient and responsible. That's gangsta.

  2. @OMGMYFACE Word. I dig that...
    There's still something so funny about this line though. It's a weird thing to say to a girl "PLUS you pay your taxes". Because supposedly too many of the women he knows are such irresponsible, reckless bitches, they're going to see Sex and the City 2 and refusing to pay their taxes. I didn't realise that this was such an increasingly common problem that it's considered a positive quality *worth mentioning* when admiring a woman. As if it's rare these days to find a nice girl who's smart, funny, beautiful, sexy, compassionate and DOESN'T practice tax evasion via some kind of Cayman Islands off-shore holding account of some description.
    It's just something I've never ever considered when going out with a girl. It would be like saying to a girl "AND you have a head!" It's just something you're meant to take for granted. But now that B.O.B. has mentioned it, I'm not sure whether or not I will go to a bar in the future, see a hot girl and think, "Woah, hang on. I don't know if I should go over and start talking to her. What if she doesn't pay her taxes? She might be asking me for money down the line or something. There could be a court case eventually, or even prison, that would be so awkward for the both of us. Do I really want that kind of trouble?"

  3. If only Al Capone had followed this rule he'd still be the #1 Gangsta.

  4. CHEGANDHIJESUS , nice one man!)

  5. Yes, well... Thank you. You stay classy Ese! ^_^

  6. What is this guy? IRS agent seeking beautiful taxpayer

  7. This is something my Dad would rap about...

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  9. Update your damn site! Rap is stupider than ever and you are slacking

  10. Yeah, it's coming up to a month now. Come on. You obviously have other things on in your life, that's fine. But even if you agreed to update it just ONCE A WEEK, at least it would be regular.

  11. Mind if I spam you with some busty Latina porn?

  12. Yes Busty Latina!!! I DO mind! We don't want your porn!!!!! ¬_¬
    What we want is for two people none of us know, to go through the songs of people more financially successful than we are, take their lyrics out of context and be knowingly flippant about them in a humourous way!!! And we want it updated, if not regularly, then at least consistently! And we don't want to just look for the lyrics ourselves, which we could easily do were it not for laziness & self-importance! -_-
    CheGandhiJesus has spoken!!!

  13. theres nothing wrong with being attractive AND eing financially responsible.

  14. This is way less fun when the lyrics are this practical.
    Filed under: So practical and reasonable

  15. Dude, B.O.B. rulez. Stop talking trash about this kind of stuff.

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