Friday, August 27, 2010


"Constantly farting, but I'm really supposed to be shitting on fools."

-E40, Behind Gates

Let's get one thing straight here. Nobody is SUPPOSED to be shitting on someone else, ever, unless you're in some weird, fucked up orgy.

The other thing is, I think there's a chapter in one of Emily Post's Etiquette books about how you're not ever supposed to say "Constantly farting" out loud. But whoops! Too late, you recorded yourself saying it on a song so now everyone can hear it over and over again!

Filed under: In a weird, fucked up orgy with gas

Posted by Chris Macho


  1. Wow, this was shocking! Why would he say something so gross as he was farting ALL THE TIME?!! He then admits to some degree of guilt by admitting that this wasn't his original re-mit and was actually supposed to be engaged in another activity. But he then ruins that sentiment by suggesting much more graphic; that "shitting on fools" is an activity that anyone ever is SUPPOSED to be doing!!! XD

  2. Having said that, I wasn't bowled over by this either. The gap of 1 month & 20 days is just TOO LONG between posts. There was no way it wouldn't influence how I received the next post. ...If there was ever gonna be one. I had assumed the website was dead, that the owners just lost interest *right before* 500 posts. Frankly I was expecting some kind of... not apology, nor even explanation, just some kind of acknowledgement that it had been a long time and there is none, other than the fact there's 4 posts in the same day. I'm not too hopeful yet tbh :-/

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