Friday, August 27, 2010


"All our whips got navigation while your whips is just garbation."

- Noreaga, Superthug

You make a good point there about everybody else's car being garbation. All sophisticated and logical and shit.

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Posted by Chris Macho


  1. Perhaps Matt wouldn't have been so harsh with his critique had it taken less than 1 month & 20 days to post this. -_-

  2. Yeah, so you're car is able to navigate? That's what it's SUPPOSED TO FUCKING DO!!! That's nothing to brag about. The ability to move around is something you *expect* in a car! It's a given, you buy it so that it can take you to specific places that you want it to get to.
    There are many reasons people brag about their car: the brand, how it looks, how fast it goes. People even brag about the low impact on the environment of their cars, before they'd EVER brag about them having "navigation" capabilities. Does your car also have those door thingeys that will keep you inside it? Do you have somewhere to sit down when the car is moving around? And how does it "navigate" its way around exactly? Does it move around on those round things? What are they called again? Wheels?
    WEIRDEST BRAGGING EVER!!! Even if he's talking about a Sat-Nav, that's still a pretty dumb & shit thing to brag about in a rap song. Moreover, what the fuck is "garbation" supposed to be?!! It looks like it could mean "garbage", so why doesn't he just stick to using real words like that instead of making up words on the spot? He can re-work the rhyme around actual words OR just use an English-language word that ends in "ation" and means roughly the same thing. "Abomination" for example. I know that's not a gangsta thing to say so don't use that, I'm just saying it IS possible to write songs using words instead of cheaply cobbling together whatever sounds & syllables most appeal to you as you fly on your winged unicorn of delusion through the Fantasyland where you are considered to have talent. Here in the Real World, people aren't intimidated when you make up words on the spot. Instead of seeming gangsta, you just seem weird and annoying. Using this is an insult will backfire and will only serve to highlight your stupidity. WEIRDEST INSULT EVER!!!
    Now why don't you take your whips, put them all in the garage of the hollow, decadent monument to human wastefulness that you dwell in, turn on all the ignition in all of them and wait in the sealed hole of darkness pondering the futility of your meritless life, your inability to be taken in any way seriously by others and the great service you have done Eugenics by gassing yourself in your own garage thus saving the rest of the human species from ever having to thinking about you and your skewed view of music as a medium through which you can brag about things that are a given, your use of made-up crap in trying to insult others and just generally being the fat, fucking arrogant waste-of-Planetary Power you are, EVER AGAIN.
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    SNACKSANDSHIT IS BACK, MOTHAFUCKAAAAAAAAASSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 'By 'navigation', I think he means 'GPS'. It was kind of a bragging point in the hood when this song came out almost a decade ago.

  4. @Theo Ahem, suck dick. :P
    Perhaps I laboured the point a bit. But it was so long between these and the last post! And this really was SO fucking dumb.
    Bottom Line: You cannot make up words in a song unless you are Lisa Gerrard.

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