Monday, September 6, 2010


"Hey yo, we about to take everybody from every street and throw a party in the Grand Canyon, come on!"

- Busta Rhymes, Make It Clap

THE GRAND CANYON!!! I mean, worst party ever. Do you know how hard it would be to find the actual party?

And what do you mean "take everybody from every street"? The criteria for attending this party is you have to... be on a street? So just everyone?

Filed under: Basically kidnapping a lot of people

Posted by Chris Macho 


  1. people die from walking down the paths to the bottom of the grand canyon. busta's a mass murderer, akin to stalin and hitler.

  2. isnt there lots of rattlesnakes and wild animals and stuff there too??? what a bad host!!

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  5. At which point must you be on the street to go to this party? I mean, if you're on an airplane when they announce it, do you get to go? Or are you fucked?

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  9. What to say about Busta Rhymes? This is one of the best singer of all time. Especially the last hit with Chris Brown. Keep up in the way

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