Monday, August 30, 2010


"Top a top on top of the top, but yo, nothin' definite."

-Cam'Ron, Dip-Set Forever

Yeah, nothing's definite, because you definitely didn't say anything that made any sense just now.

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Friday, August 27, 2010


"All our whips got navigation while your whips is just garbation."

- Noreaga, Superthug

You make a good point there about everybody else's car being garbation. All sophisticated and logical and shit.

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"They call me 'Mr. Ravioli', 'Mr. Scrotum', 'Mr. Poke 'Em With the Noodle', 'Mr. Cocker Spaniel in Your Poodle', 'After-School Tutor', 'Roto Rooter'."

-Big Gipp, Tomb of the Boom by Outkast

First of all.... Too many names.

Mr. Scrotum? Shouldn't you be trying harder to keep quiet about this one so maybe one day people will STOP CALLING YOU THIS!?

And Mr. RAVIOLI? Oh no no no NOOOOOOOOOO. This is just plain idiotic.

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Lil wayne_terry richardson1
"I hope that your vagina tight."

-Lil Wayne, Turning Me On by Keri Hilson

Back on the dating scene, huh Wayne? Might want to take it down a notch.

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"Constantly farting, but I'm really supposed to be shitting on fools."

-E40, Behind Gates

Let's get one thing straight here. Nobody is SUPPOSED to be shitting on someone else, ever, unless you're in some weird, fucked up orgy.

The other thing is, I think there's a chapter in one of Emily Post's Etiquette books about how you're not ever supposed to say "Constantly farting" out loud. But whoops! Too late, you recorded yourself saying it on a song so now everyone can hear it over and over again!

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