Monday, June 13, 2011



"Have you ever had sex with a pharaoh? I put the pussy in a sarcophagus."

Kanye West, Monster

Kanye, first off... you would be the worst pharaoh EVER. Secondly... you would have NO game if you told the ladies you were going to bury them in a fancy coffin if they have sex with you.  You are a moron.

Filed under: Rapping about words he heard on The History Channel, Not a pharaoh/god, Has no game with ancient Egyptian women




Posted by Nick Spears


  1. Well you see, killing the pusy is obviously a hip hop slang, but the egyptians worshipped cats and did infact put "pussies" in the sarcophagus of the pharos

  2. Sorry, this one sucks.
    Because it is actually a good line. Egyptians put cats in sarcophagi; Kanye's playing on the word pussy. It's funny, and Kanye's in on the joke.
    I know you guys get hip hop, and are willfully obtuse, for the comedy, but your best entries are picking out bars that are really lame and weird, if you stop to think about them.
    This one's a reach, and therefore stupid. Like when you pretend "birds" and "chickens" don't refer to drugs. It's not funny if you have to dumb yourself down to get it.

  3. I disagree. This one's really good. I LMAO'd at "Has no game with ancient Egyptian women" X''D

  4. @Truth - Take your issues up with Nick Spears. Since he was added to SnacksAndShit, the quality has gone downhill fast.
    If I wanted to read unfunny one-liners, I'd pretend to be Nick Spears on SnacksAndShit.

  5. He meant that he will (figuratively) murder the vagina. Not the vagina's owner. Once that is understood, this line actually is witty on many different levels.
    @Truth is spot on with his comment.

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  7. sorry yall, im a pussy

  8. It took us ages to get dressed - we got changed about 3 times before finally settling on a bit of sparkle...

  9. Well you see, killing the pusy is obviously a hip hop slang, but the egyptians worshipped cats and did infact put "pussies" in the sarcophagus of the pharos

  10. regardless of what any of you say on these comments, kanye west will always be a stupid asshole.

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