Sunday, February 15, 2009


Now when I'm swimmin' through the joint, I put the funk on hold, cause if I don't you'll see the bubbles come up."
- Dove from De La Soul, Oooh

You definitely shouldn't rap about farting.
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  1. "Ooh, I love farting in the bathtub, at clubs, at home, on the road, in your face unload, in your eyeball, fart while walking on the sidewalk, after nightfall, to the point you spray Lysol"

    -Edan, "Sing It Shitface"

  2. So basically: Don't get funky under water or you'll drown. Unless you're Old Gregg.

  3. Farting in (or on *lol*) someone's eyeball is a good way to give them pink eye, the gift that keeps giving. I'm just saying. ~RDub

  4. This is like one of those old chinese proverbs, the real joke is that there is no way that Dove knows how to swim.

  5. i thought us black people's bones were too heavy for us to swim ?

    When do these stop?.. I have random stuff to get on with.

  6. @ anonymous #3:

    I don't want to even think about how you might know that.

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