Tuesday, February 17, 2009


"I can't believe I fucked up and made a half-ass album. My excuse is, my pops just died. And I ain't wanna make music. My pops just died. My fans stuck with me. My shit still went gold."
- Noreaga, Invincible

You can't explain why your last album didn't do as well as you thought it would on a song in your current album. I mean, starting a line with, "My excuse is..." in a rap song or any song for that matter, is absolutely ridiculous.

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  1. Even if he technically is "excusing" himself, in reality, this comes off as a brag... he made a half-assed album because his dad died, but somehow it still went gold.

    Using your dead father in your lyrics in order to brag? Not cool.

  2. i'm just wondering what his excuse is for the rest of the crap.