Monday, February 23, 2009


"I'm so dope I just jump in the toilet and flush."
- Boots from The Coup, Bullets and Love

This is the least dope thing you can do. Only your ankles would get wet and then there would be toilet water everywhere. And what do you mean you just do this? Sorry, this doesn't work for me.

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  1. You ignorant ass. The whole line is "When I'm runnin from the police, I don't have to rush/I'm so dope, I just jump in the toilet and flush". Dope dealers often get rid of their dope by flushing it down the toilet. This is the problem with white folks' critiques of hip-hop. Boots Riley is probably much doper than you even know, since you miss a lot by not caring to understand the experience. Get a new hobby.

  2. I suggest he first flushes and THEN jumps in the toilet or he might get his feet not just wet.

    To the poster above: yeah, of course, it's sooo much better when you know it's actually about him being a drug dealer running away from the police, that makes hip-hop sound so much cleverer. :I

  3. We know all that "anonymous". That doesn't make it any less silly to say. It could also refer to him being "the shit" too.

    And we probably listen to more hip hop than you do. So see ya.

  4. Chris - it would be better if you would check the folks like sanjuro here who have the played out attitude that rap is somehow a lower form of music. I believe that you sincerely like rap, but sanjuro quite obviously does not.

    sanjuro: It IS a clever line. If you don't think so, then you just don't get it. He is personifying the actual drugs, not claiming to be a drug dealer. But you were too caught up in your rap assumptions to figure that one out.

  5. The first commenter is right, it was misleading to quote Boots' punchline while leaving out the setup.

    And yes, your defensive response to the first critique while ignoring the second comment was not a good look.

  6. yes. Thank you Jay Smooth.

    Damn people don't remember "dope" actually meant drugs before it meant "cool"? lol

  7. Oh, for fuck's sake...REALLY? The objective here is to take words/lyrics out of context, and find the humor in the utter absurd literal translation, and/or the visual imagery that is inspired by it. I am quite sure that the writer's (See also, comedians) are aware of all the slang and analogies in the lyrics they comment on. As fans of Hip Hop, I think they know that it is only because the Hip Hop culture is so creative, and imaginative, that they are able to do this. This is fun. And Fun-ny. Anyone who isn't enjoying reading these often hilarious posts, should just find another Blog to read. Not to mention, by staunchly defending the genius of the lyric, you are proving that you are not "in on the joke." Hip Hop has a sense of humor, and also most artists/producers know that we "white folks" will take our ignorant asses straight to the store and buy their albums, wether we understand it or not....and I'm pretty sure they don't care.

  8. you guys just don't like having a "conscious" dude getting burned. of course, boots is sick. everybody knows that. shut up, everybody.

  9. WOW. Maybe Chris needs to tell everyone to just refer to the right side of this blog which takes them to the first blog on this site, so that they can get what the whole point of this site is about. Everyone gets what the artists meant, its just fun and games on here. Relax!

  10. Rap is stupid. Even when you know what it means, it's stupid. Don't bother defending it. It makes you look like an asshole.

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